Meredith James

Copyright 2017


Juried and Invitational Exhibitions

2015, International Juried Show, Las Vegas Contemporary Art Center, Las Vegas, NV, Juried
Curated by Rebekah Bogard and Max Presneill
Work exhibited: Perceptual Self-Portrait

2014, Thomas More College, Crestview Hills, KY, By Invitation
Curated by Rebecca Amann
Work exhibited: I, Tithonus and Code Font

2013, 30 x 30 (30 Paintings in 30 Days), Blue Line Arts, Roseville, CA, Juried
Work exhibited: Turbulence

2013, Compass, Orange County Center for Contemporary Art, Orange County, CA, Juried
Curated by Amy V. Grimm
Work exhibited: Family Portrait I, II

2013, Long Beach Soundwalk, Long Beach, CA, Juried
Work exhibited: NoiseScape: Yellowstone

2013, Cinema Reset, New Orleans Film Society, New Orleans, LA, Juried
Work exhibited: 50301

2013, 3 Pillars Gallery, Benton Harbor, MI, Juried
Work exhibited: River Drawings

2012, Kansas City SoundWalk, Kansas City, MO, Juried
Work exhibited: Flourish

2012, Downtown Los Angeles Art Walk, Juried (and Electron Salon, Invitational), Los Angeles Center for Digital Art, Los Angeles, CA
Work exhibited: Nimbus

2012, The Lonely Planet, Linus Gallery, Pasadena, CA, Juried
Work exhibited: Erosion Series

2012, Green, Linus Gallery Online, Juried
Work exhibited: Erosion Series

2011, Off the Wall, Studio Couture, Detroit, MI, By Invitation
Curated by Blake Almstead
Work exhibited: Black Friday

2011, Long Beach SoundWalk, Long Beach, CA, Juried
Work exhibited: Flourish

2009, Design Re:View, Russell Industrial Complex, Detroit, MI, Juried
Work exhibited: A Slight Tendency Towards Violence

2008, Here and Now, Cranbrook Art Museum, Bloomfield Hills, MI
Curated by Gregory Wittkopp
Work exhibited: Sartre

2007, Le Exquis Cadavre, Forum Gallery, Bloomfield Hills, MI
Curated by Eric Bintner
Work exhibited: Untitled

2007, Month of Silence, Forum Gallery, Bloomfield Hills, MI
Work exhibited: multiple pieces

2007, Solo Show at The WAB, Ferndale, MI
Work exhibited: multiple pieces, various media